2020 annual meeting.


Parish of St Catharine’s Church, South Caulfield



The Annual Meeting of the Parish will be held at 11.00 am on Sunday 15 November, 2020.

Nominations of Candidates for the offices of:
2 x Churchwardens
2 x Members of Parish Council
2 x Members of Incumbency Committee    
shall be posted here by 11.00 am Sunday 8 Nov 2020.

AGM Order of Business

After Prayers, the order of business shall include:-

  1. The Minutes of the previous annual meeting;

  2. Reception of the Electoral Roll of the Parish;

  3. The Lead Pastor’s Annual Report;

  4. A report of Parish Council for the year;

  5. A report by the churchwardens on the buildings and grounds of the Parish and other matters;   

  6. The churchwardens’ report on finances and presentation of the audited accounts for the year ended 30 September 2020;

  7. The approved 2020-2021 budget

  8. Other reports from St Catharine’s ministries;

  9. The election of churchwardens and members of parish council;

  10. The appointment of auditors;

  11. Presentation of the list of Lay Assistants at Holy Communion;

  12. Any other matters of parochial or general church interest.


By the order of parish council.

Signed: The Rev’d Adam Cetrangolo – Lead Pastor