our leaders.

Adam has had a heart for leadership in the Church for as long as he can remember. After ten years of pastoral ministry in Roman Catholic churches and schools, Adam was ordained in the Melbourne Anglican Diocese of in 2012. He loves his job and especially caring for and training leaders for the Church's future. Adam has studied physics, Italian and two masters degrees in theology and ministry. His idea of fun is eating Italian food with friends, preferably at the beach. He is married to Heather, and together they are the proud parents of Mary, who is 5. 

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Adam Cetrangolo

Lead Pastor

Heather Cetrangolo

Honorary Associate Pastor

Heather's passion is teaching and learning. With a background in legal practice, ministry and teaching, Heather assists in developing innovative teaching strategies for all ages in our community. Currently serving as Chaplain at Trinity College Foundation Studies (University of Melbourne), she loves to answer 'tough questions' and engage with the questions at the core of our life experience and social conscience. Heather's idea of extravagant fun is going to the movies with her husband, getting to a dance class, jumping on trampolines with her daughter or ... yes, going to a museum by herself.



community groups.

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