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One of the disciplines in the Christian life is to surrender a portion of what we earn to Kingdom ministry through the Church community where we belong.  The Hebrew scriptures encouraged believers to give a tithe (literally one tenth) of their income.  At St Catharine's we believe that this is a good starting place.  We will never pressure you to give a certain amount or disclose your giving practice, we simply ask that prayerfully before God you start with a 10% principal and ask God to show you what and how to give.  The biblical principal is that we give from our substance, prayerfully, sacrificially and joyfully, we allow God to fulfil our needs.  We find that He always blesses us above and beyond anything we could have managed by ourselves.

You can give in the following ways:

  • By direct bank transfer - BSB: 633 000, Acc No: 126 935 675 (Bendigo Bank)

  • By direct bank transfer to our Building Fund  - BSB: 703 122, Acc No: 05009889 (Anglican Development Fund)

  • By Credit Card - Here (Note you can use the Name line to also include a subject)

  • By Cheque - Made out to "St Catharine's Anglican Church"

  • By cash on Sunday or at the office during business hours

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