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kid's menu.

The St Cath's Kids Menu is our unique approach to children's ministry on a Sunday. We combine structured and unstructured activities, so that our children can enjoy a good mix of engaging in worship with their whole church family, whilst gaining the benefits of classes that are tailored to their age and learning needs.

At the start of our service, children can enjoy a range of craft and tactile activities around the church, which are always based on the current teaching series. This way, they can benefit from experiencing all aspects of church life, without becoming bored. We then offer a special session for, based on the same reading that is preached about on any given Sunday. Parents and carers are always welcome to join us and children can choose whether they would like to stay in the church or join the group activities. 

During our classes, all children and volunteers gather in the Hall for a song, dance and prayer time, followed by a creative presentation of the Bible reading. We then use the flexible learning spaces on our site to move into age groups for further activities, including games, sport, short video presentations and craft options. We always provide a fruit snack before we re-join the grown ups for communion. To view our current Kid's Menu click here. For an outline of our teaching philosophy and child protection policies click here. 

Here is a sample of some of the work our little ones have recently been engaged with:

The story of Ruth

Signposting our learning intention

Re-enacting the story

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