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our leaders.

Adam has had a heart for leadership in the Church for as long as he can remember. After ten years of pastoral ministry in Roman Catholic churches and schools, Adam was ordained in the Melbourne Anglican Diocese of in 2012. He loves his job and especially caring for and training leaders for the Church's future. Adam has studied physics, Italian and two masters degrees in theology and ministry. His idea of fun is eating Italian food with friends, preferably at the beach. He is married to Heather, and together they are the proud parents of Mary, who is 4. 

Adam Cetrangolo

Lead Pastor

Heather Cetrangolo

Honorary Associate Pastor

Heather's passion is teaching and learning. With a background in legal practice, ministry and teaching, Heather assists in developing innovative teaching strategies for all ages in our community. Currently serving as Chaplain at Trinity College Foundation Studies (University of Melbourne), she loves to answer 'tough questions' and engage with the questions at the core of our life experience and social conscience. Heather's idea of extravagant fun is going to the movies with her husband, getting to a dance class, jumping on trampolines with her daughter or ... yes, going to a museum by herself.


Jo recently joined the team in March 2018.  She has been singing and writing songs since she was six years old. She loves to lead worship and create spaces where people can experience God’s presence and find comfort, healing and hope. After graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in jazz music, Jo has continued to compose music and work as a professional musician in the Melbourne music scene, as well as serve in the church community as a musician. When she’s not playing music, Jo spends her time exploring new parts of the city on her bike. 


Jo Murgatroyd
Worship Pastor

Theo Davies is passionate to see youth and young adults grow and develop in their relationship with Christ. Being brought up within a Christian home, Theo began his walk of faith at the age of 7 when seeing the impact of the message of the gospel had on others lives. Originally From Wales, UK, he moved over to Melbourne in 2011 with his family. After completing VCE in 2016, Theo Is currently studying at Monash Universtay completing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Anthropology. Theo is a Youth/ Bible study leader, running a community group every other Thursday and YMS locals, along with Ella Baldwin. In his spare time Theo enjoys trying new things and watching British TVshows, (mostly the TV shows though).

Theo Davies

Team Leader
(YMS, Caulfield South)

Ella has been at St Cath's most of her life.  She is a second-year university student at Monash University studying Bachelors of Global Studies and Science, a worship leader at St Cath’s, and with Theo Davies, a leader of the YMS Youth Group. She is passionate about worshipping God through song and praise, and helping non-believers come to know the love of Jesus. In her spare time, Ella loves to do ballet or play sport, as well as go to the beach or read a book.

Ella Baldwin

Shelford School Chaplain &

Team Leader 
(YMS, Caulfield South)

Nic Wong has been working in hospitality and customer service for over 10 years. He is currently employed as a youth worker at St Timothy's Bulleen, and volunteering at St Catharines. For a number of years, Nic has been the team cook for our Youth Ministry School and a valued member of the team.  This year he has taken up the mantle as our Saturday Meals Coordinator as well as running the Meals Community Group that meets in Caulfield South.  Nic's studied management, science and currently theology.  He loves cooking and loves eating even more. In his spare time (when he has any) Nic loves to watch mystery-based tv shows.

Nic Wong

Team Leader
(Meals, Caulfield South)



community groups.

Our Community Groups are re-calibrating for 2019.  Watch the brief video below and fill out the form if you'd like more information about any of our groups:











To try out one of our community groups, fill out this form and we will be in touch: 

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our parish council.

Our Parish Council is made up of the Lead Pastor and six non-staff members who are voted in annually. Our Council make decisions about our community's policies, annual budgeting and strategic planning. Our Churchwardens are the most senior members of the Council and carry responsibility for matters relating to property, finance and staffing.

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