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Your Guide to the St Cath's Annual Meeting


The 2018 St Catharine's Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday 18 November 2018 at 11 am in the Parish Hall.


On this day we will have our regular 9.30 am service followed by our Big Breakfast in the Hall. Then we will stay on in the hall for our meeting which will incorporate a message, time of worship, prayer and communion as well as all the formalities of the Annual Meeting.

Typically the Annual Meeting receives formal reports from the Treasurer, Churchwardens and Lead Pastor as well as other reports as appropriate. At St Cath's, these additional reports tend to take the form of testimonies of the good work that God has done in the past year.

The Electoral Roll

Every Anglican Church in Melbourne has an Electoral Roll which is reviewed prior to the Annual Meeting. It is desirable that the Electoral Roll reflect the real regular attendees of the Church. If you are new in the past year or unsure whether you are on the Electoral Roll. Check out the list that has been left in the Church or email Adam and ask. If you are not yet on the Electoral Roll. Please fill out a quick application form here.

Being on the Electoral Roll allows you to vote at the Annual Meeting as well as be nominated for formal governance positions.

Governance Positions Vacant

The vacant positions are as follows:

2 x Members of Parish Council

2 x Churchwardens

2 x Incumbency Committee Members

Click on the links to view a position description for each position.

The Parish Council is currently comprised of 3 Parish Council members, 3 Churchwardens and the Lead Pastor. Currently these positions are held by the following people: Pam Lannin (pcm), Carlee Hutton (pcm), Noel Thurlow (pcm & Treasurer), Rod Smyth (Churchwarden) and Al Aikman (Churchwarden). Recently Anna Weir resigned, she was also a Churchwarden. More information about these leaders here.

A Treasurer is appointed by the Churchwardens at the first Parish Council Meeting.

These rolls are two-thirds nominated and one-third appointed. Which means Adam appoints one Churchwarden one Parish Councillor.

The Incumbency Committee is a group that meets as needed to appoint a new Lead Pastor or when his/her license is renewed. Currently the membership of this committee is Martin Trainor, Gaie Bracken and Al Aikman. Two positions are nominated (see above) and one Churchwarden is appointed to this committee at the first Parish Council meeting.

Action Points:

1. Determine whether you're on the Electoral Roll

2. Consider nominating for a position

3. Save the date for the Annual Meeting: 18 November 2018 at 11 am

4. Let Adam know if you have any questions or you think something should be included on the agenda.

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