sex. politics. religion.

Jesse Butler in Conversation with Adam Cetrangolo | Sunday 18 April, 10 am

Jesse Butler is a 35 year old actor/comedian with Aboriginal heritage.  He is a member of St Cath's and the St Cath's worship team and will soon be heading to Darwin to take up new employment. To launch our Sex, Politics and Religion series, Jesse will be in conversation with our Lead Pastor, Adam, to explore how we as the Church can walk authentically with our Nation's Firs Peoples.  What is the Church's responsibility in this area? How does our faith inform our practice?  What have we still to learn from our Aboriginal brothers and sisters?  


John Englezos | Sunday 25 April, 10 am

Spoken word poet, author and performer, John's work centres around notions of Hope, Identity and Wonder. Whether its one on one speaker coaching, workshopping or his own performance, John brings out what is authentic and memorable in people's stories. John walks gently in any space he enters and will speak to us about what it looks like to show genuine hospitality and speak truth and life in non religious spaces.  In the absence of common language and ritual, how do we be salt and light in our ever-changing context?



Guest Preacher: Allison Troth | Sunday 2 May, 10 am

For 10 years Allison was a slave to politics in Canberra's Parliament House...then she found Jesus who has directed her to carry the cross against modern slavery of children throughout the world. Allison now champions Destiny Rescue, a Christian organisation whose missionaries rescue under age girls from the red light districts of Asia. At a mere five foot tall, she dons her 'armour' and fronts up to politicians, business leaders, and Christians alike, to challenge their thinking  - are we unwittingly complicit in modern slavery too?


"It was while I worked for the Prime Minister I realised how lost I was. For 30 years, I didn't know the power of prayer! Now that I have God's forgiveness, and grace, and His word to guide me, I want to share that with girls who are kidnapped, trapped, enslaved, through no fault of their own. He challenges me to set them free, and present them with a new destiny - under Him. So that they can pray too..."

"On my first trip to Bangkok, I giggled in horror, and awe at the Au Go Go bars of Pat Pong Road... gorgeous girls in bikinis jiving and gyrating with passers by... tempting them, luring them, enticing them.. I turned my head away, ashamed of that sin. I did not know what else to do..."


Between 7 and 10pm the cafes and casual bars of Pat Pong Rd flip their signs to become massage parlours, cuddle bars, discos, spas... 60% of the girls working that 2km strip are under age... they are tricked and stolen and trafficked. Those young girls will service between 7 and 10 men a night. Yes, they are prostitutes, but not by choice. One could claim the Bible has a preoccupation with the sin of prostitutes - they are mentioned dozens of times. But it is the weight of sin itself which is the issue, and the community which surrounds that sin. So what else can we do? Don't turn away like I did.  As Christians, let's join in force against this sin to rescue the least and the lost.


Guest Preacher: Mike Bird | Sunday 9 May, 10 am

Mike Bird is an Anglican Minister, Academic Dean and New Testament lecturer at Ridley College in Melbourne.  He grew up in Brisbane before joining the  Army and serving as a paratrooper, intelligence operator, and then chaplains assistant. It was during his time in the military that he came to faith from a non-Christian background, and soon after felt a call to ministry. 

Mike describes himself as a “biblical theologian” who endeavours to bring together biblical studies and systematic theology. He believes that the purpose of the church is to “gospelize,” that is to preach, promote, and practise the Gospel-story of the Lord Jesus Christ. Remembered by students for his mix of outlandish humour and intellectual rigor, he makes theology both entertaining and challenging.


As an industrious researcher, Mike has written and edited over thirty books including Bourgeois Babes, Bossy Wives, and Bobby Haircuts: A Case for Gender Equality in Ministry.  He often speaks at conferences in Australia, the UK, and USA.  He is married to Naomi and they have four children. When he is not busy with work, Mike enjoys running, rugby league, tennis, and despising coffee. He secretly aspires to play the role of “the American” in the musical “Chess.”