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such a time as this

Such a Time as This is a women's ministry forum, with a difference.

 Our vision is to: 

Celebrate different kinds of beautiful. 


Value single women, as married. 

Talk about female sexuality and sexual experience. 

Meet the experiences of women in this time and culture, with honesty and Biblical integrity. 


We are not a political or ideological group. Although we will express the theology of our church community, our purpose is not to promote any specific agenda. Our focus is on searching the heart and daily asking Jesus to break our hearts for what breaks His. We recognise that we are each in a process of stepping into closer relationship with Jesus, trusting Him to shape our thoughts, our callings and our relationships. This is a safe space to ask questions, express different views and interpretations, as we consider the scripture together, and as we seek to know His heart for us. 

Who Can Come?

Women. Any. 

All ages. All denominations. Single. Married. Divorced. Widowed. Ordained. Professed. Or not. 

This is an open forum, so women from any churches or community groups around Melbourne are welcome. Bring friends and, of course, we are child (and pet) friendly.

What Does it Cost? 


Dates & Topics for 2019

We gather once a month, on a Sunday, from 7.30pm. The topics we will be discussing for 2019 are:

Am I Too Sexy? Sexual Power and Dignity in a Postmodern World.

27 January 2019

The Search for Intimacy; Married or Single.

24 February 2019

Sexual Desire v Lust (Knowing the Difference)

24 March 2019

Can You Be 'Just Friends' with a Man?

28 April 2019

Is Virginity a Virtue? And What if I'm Not?

26 May 2019

When is Enough, Enough? Work, Study and Making Time for the People Who Matter Most.

28 July 2019

Gender & Difference: What is Cultural & What is Biblical?

25 August 2019

Is Women's Ordination a New Fad? What are the Biblical Arguments?

29 September 2019

Should Women Minister to Men?

27 October 2019

Is Celibacy Realistic?

24 November 2019

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Such a Time as This is a ministry of St Catharine's Anglican Church, Caulfield South

St Catharine's is an evangelical, charismatic, Anglican Church. We encourage women and children to be seen and heard and to teach. Our Senior Pastor is Adam, who oversees the ministries of the Church, in consultation with our elected Church Council. Under his authority, women and men are trained and encouraged to exercise their gifts, including in leadership, preaching and prophecy. We support a complementarian approach to gender roles within marriage and ordained ministries, whilst working collaboratively with brothers and sisters from other church traditions, who have alternative theologies and expressions. 

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